Be Inspired by the Colors of the Year 2021: Pantone

Posted on December 29 2020

Be Inspired by the Colors of the Year 2021: Pantone

Every December, design lovers are eagerly waiting to find out which shade Pantone will choose as the color of the year. Emphasizing how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hope that is both enduring and uplifting, they announced two shades this year, saying that this cannot be associated with one color. The two colors chosen are 'Ultimate Gray' and a shade of yellow under the name 'Illuminating'.

According to Pantone, the gray tone means "the symbol of reliable elements that provide an eternal and solid foundation", while the yellow tone means "a bright and cheerful yellow that shines with vitality, a warm yellow shade filled with solar energy"

According to Pantone, choosing a grounding gray tone paired with a bright, cheerful yellow conveys a message of strength and hope that is both enduring and invigorating. While there is no way of knowing for sure what 2021 has in story for us, it will certainly do us all good to embrace the message of strength and hope backed by the "ultimate gray" and "illuminating yellow".

These statements made by Pantone prove once again that the color is much more than a shade on the wall or a color on a bedspread. Let's examine how we can use colors more accurately for the meaning of the colors we use in our homes, the energy they convey to us, and the atmosphere they create. Let's explore how we can combine these two colors in our homes.

Gray and Yellow in Home Decor

The chosen shade of yellow and gray is a great combination that adds a dose of sunlight and positivity to set the mood in any room in the home. It is a good idea to combine these two colors in tablecloths, sheets, pillows, and home accessories.

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Painting the door bright yellow gives a warm and friendly message when backed by a solid and reliable gray exterior finish. The ideal combination of gray, which forms the solid foundation of yellow, for any office at home or in a commercial space, creates a vibrant yellow mind perception that raises awareness and enhances intuition, illuminates the path to intellectual curiosity, originality, and activity.

Use of Colors

Of course, one of the alternatives that can be preferred by those who want to make wall decoration more active in an effortless way are paintings. You can buy a painting in gray and yellow and hang it on your wall. Frames, indispensable for walls, are also ready for duty!

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You can make room for these two colors in your home by purchasing new frames or by painting your existing frames with hobby paints in 2021 Pantone colors. Of course, if you want, you can also get help from decorative products such as trinkets and candle holders as well as frames and position the objects you choose in a suitable place in your home.

You can combine gray and yellow to create a thoughtful and stylish mid-century-inspired living space to create a timeless and uplifting palette. You can basically start with a gray sofa. You can look for a structured profile with slightly curves and raised, tapered legs that are the hallmarks of the style. You can add bright yellow highlights through accessories such as pillows and artwork. Fun, thematic pieces like a rattan mirror can also help to visually brighten the space.

Since gray is a reassuring and long-lasting color, when paired with illuminating yellow in a mid-century style space, it results in an energetic, warm, and inviting palette.

Bright and Creative Home Office

When these two colors are used in the home office, the 2021 Pantone color combination of gray and yellow is practical and thoughtful, but also optimistic and inviting. The bright hue of the lighting can be useful in an area where you need to focus, as it energizes.

If a bright yellow chair is hard to find, a good alternative might be to buy a whiteboard chair and paint it as a fun DIY project. You can decorate the area with live plants for adequate lighting and refreshing the space; greens can also help soothe tired eyes.

Illuminator Yellow

You can use Pantone dual-color matching together, or you can place it alone in suitable areas. Moreover, areas, where we are not used to seeing bold colors, can get a completely different atmosphere with illuminating yellow.

Ultimate Gray

Gray is one of the most preferred colors in home decoration. We know that the number of people who cannot give up gray in sofa sets is a lot. If you have a gray sofa, you can color it with illuminating yellow cushions or you can create a decoration that dominates this color alone.

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