Best Gifts for Your BFF

Posted on November 01 2019

Best Gifts for Your BFF

It’s time to your BFFs birthday, the anniversary of your friendship or Christmas is just around the corner... Maybe none of this. Do we need a reason to buy gifts for our girlfriends? We don't think so!  

The way to show our besties that we love and think about them: Gifts! 

If you are looking for a gift but don’t know what to buy, let us tell you more about it. 

1. Necklaces

This necklace will easily become a favorite piece of your BFFs. Show your love and appreciation with this necklace.

Starting from the deep purple hue of Amethyst, the symphony travels from the vast pinks of Tourmaline to the romantic powder tones of Opal. "I am here!" not a shouting, drunk with depth when the eye is more than a dream.

Amatist, Pink Opal, Tourmaline, 24 Carat gold plated balls necklace


2. Sports Lovers

We all have a sports-obsessed friend. The fitness gifts to give to your favourite fitness junkie: Moon Collection and Handmade Faux Leather & Jute Mat Bag!

With RORU Moon Series mats you don't need to have a towel in the Yoga class. Ideal for sweating hands and feet, summer exercises and inspiration. 3mm thickness supports the spine and joints. 

With Handmade Faux Leather & Jute Mat Bag, you may easily carry your apparel along with your mat with this useful Mat Bag. It is suitable for all sizes of mats.

Pink and black yoga mat

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Black Yoga Mat Bag

Click to shop Handmade Faux Leather & Jute Mat Bag

3. Leggings

We hope the shiny leggings trend never goes away. High waisted leggings will keep her comfy and stylish. She can wear some styles at a coffee break, work, night out, gym or wherever the day takes her. Trust us, they'll love you for colorful shiny leggings.

With Olivia Leggins, she will have the experience of both comfort and aesthetics in one product, combining the sophisticated lines and colors of Paris as well as the versatile spirit of Istanbul.

shiny leggings colorful leggings high waisted leggings biker leggings

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4. Cups

Everyone loves to drink from special mugs and cups. We are sure that cups are perfect for a gift. Let your Bffs drink in style with these special cups.

Turquoise ceramic cups are handcrafted by Wagavon. Their journey begins with earth, takes form by hands and finds life with fire. Each piece is unique and has its own character. Enjoy your coffee or a refreshing cocktail, or some ice cream.

Turquoise Cup

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5. Bracelet

Forget the ordinary friendship bracelet. This Coco Natural Pearl bracelet comes with Rhodochrosite stone making for the perfect heartfelt gift. Empower meaningful connections with your fashionable girl in your life with this bracelet.

Nothing says "Bestie" like a bracelet :)

Rhodochrosite stones, natural pearls, 24k gold plated balls bracelet

6. Socks

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and Girls Night, in this cosy adorable Fundaze Socks.

You will have fun in these lovely cosy socks with your best friend!

Fundaze Socks

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