5 Ways to Use Botanically Hand-dyed Silk Ribbons

Posted on September 09 2019

5 Ways to Use Botanically Hand-dyed Silk Ribbons


Do you like the soft, luxurious feeling of silk? What if this silk is naturally dyed with fruits, flowers, seeds and has the softest yet warm colours? You like it, don't you? Then you will love Darwin's Botanicals and hand-dyed crepe silk ribbons.  


The founder of Darwin's Botanicals is natural dyer Tuğay Güven. We have written about the story of the Darwins Botanicals hand-dyed silk ribbons creation process a while ago. 

Now we wanted to share with you different ways for using these delicate ribbons. 

1. Bridal Styling

When it comes to our favourite wedding styles there's one accessory that can take a look from lovely to glorious. We're talking about a hand-dyed crepe silk ribbon. Whether you are after a minimal bride look or a fancy one a small piece of ribbon can transform your bridal look.

You can attach silk ribbons to your hair on your wedding day, tie your rings together, and attach them to your wrist or waist.

wedding rings styling with silk ribbonbridal wedding styling with silk ribbon

wedding bridal gown and bouquet styling with silk ribbon

2. Styling Tableware

Eating alone, with friends or family, there is great pleasure eating on a nicely styled table. Whether you tie the cutlery knife or a napkin, a silk ribbon will change your table styling all over.


styling tableware using silk ribbonstying cutlery using silk ribbons

3. Styling Bouquets

You can take your bouquet to the next level wıth a romantic crepe silk ribbon. You can decorate the flower you will exhibit in your house with a soft and warm-coloured ribbon or a bouquet that you will propose to your lover. Just simply tye your bouquet with a silk ribbon. Is there an easier way to decorate a bouquet that will be in your hands at the most memorable moment at your wedding?

styling a bouquet with a  hand-dyed silk ribbon

4. Styling Stationery

The stationery should reflect the idea of your event and a little hint of what your guest should expect on this meaningful day. Either wedding stationery or a special day invitation a piece of crepe silk would make a big difference. 

 wedding stationary wrapped with crepe silk


5. Styling Gift Boxes

Don't underestimate the packaging of your gift. A box wrapped with crepe silk definitely builds excitement and wonder of what's inside.

gift box styling with crepe silk ribbon

Explore Darwin's Botanicals bespoke botanically hand-dyed crepe silk accessories.

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