Bringing The Best Design From Istanbul To London With Love

Posted on August 26 2017

Bringing The Best Design From Istanbul To London With Love



We've launched hippist to bring the hip design from Istanbul to London.

As the cultural, historical and economic hub of Turkey, Istanbul is brimming with creativity.

With the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires as just some of the historical influences on the city, it’s easy to see how diverse design thrives in among the incredible architecture of these ancient civilizations. But Istanbul is not an antique museum.

The city is a modern, moving feast of design that celebrates its culture and past, but certainly does not shy away from the avant-garde and the unusual.

For London, there is nothing more to say: "London is the design capital of the world".

And now, we wish to become a cultural and design bridge between people of these two great cities with our minutely curated items.

We are pursuing the best designs and talents in Turkey to introduce them to the people who appreciate them adequately.

Stay with us to discover the remarkable designers and catch the "hip" of Istanbul!




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