Christmas Gift Ideas For Environmentalists 2020

Posted on November 26 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas For Environmentalists 2020


Looking for Christmas gifts for environmental friends? 

They are probably thinking several times when they will take the products to leave a good world to future generations. Also, they eat vegan, they don't use plastic, they drop something that it can be composted in the recycling bin.

If you are looking for gifts for people who choose to live sustainable, think about it once again.

"Don't buy them something that'll end up in a landfill months from now, or something that'll make them reconsider their carbon footprint. Instead, get them a gift that's equal parts elegant and eco-friendly. (Burası kopyala-yapıştır)"

There are many brands under the sustainability category at hippist. We have listed some gift ideas for you.

1) Cru Organics Beeswax Candles

2 pieces beeswax candles

Cru Organics produces candles from beeswax. It does not contain paraffin or soy wax. It does not burn eyes, it does not cause headaches, it does not cause a sore throat. It also neutralizes negative ions in the burned area

Cru Organics designs 100% natural, sustainable, ecological products and taking advantage of the undiscovered or inadequate and unfamiliar sources of Anatolian Territory.

This candles will help your environmentalist friends have a cosy night.

2) Darwin Botanicals Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbons

Darwin Botanicals hand-dyed silk ribbon

Darwin’s Botanicals aspires to adopt this basic rule of thumb to our everyday life. They extract colours from plants, fruits and vegetables that are at the end of their life cycles and hand dye natural fabrics by using these colours with the utmost care.

These unique ribbons can be used in many ways home decorations to hair accessories.

3) Epidotte Washable Paper Bags

epidotte washable paper hand bag

Epidotte designs and makes fashion & homeware accessories made from a unique washable, flexible, eco-friendly paper. Epidotte bags ready to complete outfits.


4) Kapka Enamelware

Kapka enamelware

Kapka is an enamelware brand that producing their products by using traditional methods. Kapka enamels are healthy, they use only raw materials, non-toxic paints and 100% recyclable. 

Kapka is a gift idea for those who want to colour the dining table.

5) Nott Hand-Dyed Bracelet

nott hand dye silk bracelet


Nott following any trends, nott offers timeless designs.

Accessories made from natural fibers such as silk and cotton brought to life with botanicals, they represent the sincerity and fragility of nature with grace.   

Your friends will love Nott's grace and eco-friendly bracelets.


6) Mumo Reusable Beeswax Wrap

mumo reusable beeswax wrap

Mumo is a natural and reusable alternative to cling film and freezer bags. It can be used to wrap cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and also as a cover for bowls and plates. It can be folded into any shape and sealed with the warmth of your hands. Mumo naturally keeps your food fresh for longer. 

It's time to say goodbye to disposable storage with Mumo.


Let your friends who are sensitive to nature spend a New Year's Eve, making sure they don't think of their carbon and water footprint.


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