Christmas Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers

Posted on November 12 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas For Yoga Lovers


Only a month to Christmas. There are days left to complete the necessary gifts for you to buy. Yoga is much more than weekly activity and it is a lifestyle. You may want to buy gifts that will inspire your acquaintances who do yoga. This list contains interesting gift ideas that are not boring for yogis so that they use them doing yoga or before & after yoga.

1) Yoga Bag

epidotte washable paper yoga bag

Every yogi knows how difficult it is to carry your mat around the city. This will make it a lot easier. This yoga bag can fit comfortably most regular-sized mats. Functional and chic at the same time. It can be worn either on one shoulder or as a crossbody bag. It even has a little pouch for keys and stuff. 

It's made from 100% washable paper.

2) Round Yoga Mat

Roru concept moon series yoga mat

Click here for Roru Moon Round Yoga Mat 

Forget the classic yoga mats. Meet Roru round yoga mat from moon collection. Designed with a unique inspiration of full moon to make you experience the best. Moon Collection is based on eclipses and inspired the moon and its influence on the universe. With RORU Moon Series mats you don't need to have a towel in the Yoga class. Ideal for sweating hands and feet, summer exercises and inspiration.

Suprise your yogi friends with this unique gift. 

3) Yoga Jumpsuit

Yoga jumpsuit

Click here for Ryder Act Yoga Jumpsuit


The best training clothes for yoga is a pair of yoga jumpsuit because they make it easy to do any position, and they keep everything covered up. Someone will feel very special with this stylish jumpsuit.

4) Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles


Beeswax is the all natural, non-toxic waxy substance secreted by bees after they consume honey. Provide mystic environments to yoga lovers with this beeswax candles gift.

5) Yoga Socks

over the knee blue space yoga socks christmas gift for yoga lovers

With its special soft fabric provides a comfortable practice while having the sweat of feet in safely. 

6) V-Neck Basic T-Shirt


V-neck grey basic t-shirt

Click here for Deux Beautés V-Neck Basic T-Shirt

Not every basic t-shirt is basic. Who would say no to a comfortable V-neck T-shirt gift with silky touch? 

7) Handmade Notebook

handmade notebook Christmas gift ideas for yoga lovers

Click to explore Musvedde's handmade notebooks

One of the best ways to free the mind is to write.

All of the Müsvedde notebooks are hand cut, hand drilled, hand-bound in the respect of the traditions. By nature of craft production, the notebooks are not exact same thus each one is unique. Cotton paper Müsvedde notebooks are delivered in upcycled bags designed with leftover fabric. Periodic and continuous series aims to reuse material or to keep a moment or a feeling alive. 

8) Yoga Mat, Mandala DIY

Moon Series Microfiber Top Layer Yoga Mat | Mandala DIY



Yoga mats are a must for safe yoga. So how does the idea of making your own yoga mat sound? This yoga mat from Roru Moon series comes with a special pen set, and yoga lovers can customize it as they wish. 

9) Towel

Adinkra Grey Peshtemal


 The lock piece for yoga would have to be a towel.

10) Happy-nes Handcrafted Colourful Earphone

Happy-Nes Apple iPhone 7, 8, X Earphones | Cosmic

Click here for Happy-nes Cosmic Earphone

Give Happy-nes handcrafted earphone as a Christmas gift your Yogi friends to add the effect of colours to the music.

Bonus Kids Yoga Cards

Monkin Memory Yoga Cards


Maybe you have little friends who are doing yoga, introduce them to Monkinya kids yoga cards.

Memory games help to improve concentration, train visual memory and short term memory, increase attention to detail.  Click here to Monkinya

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