Christmas Gift Ideas Up To 20£

Posted on November 12 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas Up To 20£

Warm, cozy and snowy days, gifts, family and new hopes for the new year... The best time of the year: Christmas!

Christmas can be a bit of a challenge for us, even if we wait all year and get excited about it. Unfortunately, Christmas shopping can be expensive. And to buy these gifts for your mom, daddy, sibling, BFF, boyfriend or girlfriend and even pets may be more expensive than you expect. But don’t worry. We've listed gifts for you under 20 pounds.

1. Funsy Webcam Covers

Are you still using tape to cover your camera? How about a webcam cover that can entertain you instead of this useless options? Webcam covers are a brilliant gift option for under 20 pounds and this product can also give a message to the person you received the gift!

Try: Good Vibes OnlyLove Wins, Never Give Up, Hearts Webcam Cover. 

pink, white webcam covers with hearts

Click to explore Funsy Webcam Covers

2. Dog Socks

Socks are lovely gifts for Christmas. You can give these funny and stylish socks to your everyone you know! Perfectly fit for every situation. Or if you have a dog, you can carry your dog doppelganger in your socks. Show him who's a good boi! Click to shop Jack Russel Socks!

Bamboo socks with Jack Russel pattern, anthracite grey.

Click to explore Fundaze Socks!

3- Eyeglasses Chain

The eyeglasses chains that your grandma always wears are the new pretty and fun trend! These products are very useful and your basic clothes will look phenomenal! Best gift for the people who forget their glasses everywhere!

Now’s the part where we show you a Happy-Nes eyeglasses chain: Celestia!

a woman with a eyeglasses chain in front of pink wallClick to shop Celestia Eyeglasses Chain!

Serial Chiller Personalised Eyeglass chain

Click to shop Serial Chiller Personalised Eye Glass Chain


4. Enamelware

In this colourful enamelware collection, you may find vibrant enamel mugs, one of a kind enamel pots, unique enamel cups, enamel coffee pots, and enamel trays. These handmade enamel products will add colour to your kitchen and dinner tables.

Our suggestion is Purple Mind-Up Mind-Pop Enamel Tumbler!


Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple Tumbler

Click to explore Kapka Enamelware!

The other enamel tumbler is Yellow Flowers from 3Rd Culture. 

enamel tumbler yellow flowers

5- Ribbon

We have another day before Christmas: Thanksgiving. We love being at the dinner table with our family on Thanksgiving! The presentation is very important in these lovely dinners. The thing that suits most of the dining table is the Hand-Dyed Silk Cream Ribbon.

Moreover, you can use it in not only Thanksgiving but also Christmas gifts decoration!

These luxury silk ribbons are hand dyed with colours extracted from plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables without using any chemicals.

Colorful ribbons in the box

Click to shop Hand-Dyed Silk Cream Ribbon

6- Bracelet

Jewellery is one of the first options for gifts. Because it's functional and easy to pick up. But this time, instead of buying classic, ordinary jewellery, you can give meaningful messages with a natural stone used jewellery.

Coco Natural Pearl & Rhodochrosite Bracelet designed by combining freshwater pearl and rhodochrosite!

Natural Pearl & Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Click to shop Coco Natural Pearl & Rhodochrosite Bracelet

Happy-Nes colourful and handcrafted bracelets can be another gift idea for lovers of colourful dressing. 

happynes colourful bracelet

7- Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have also been used quite recently. Although different combinations, we think the most special and different is Japanese Hair Sticks. Try these hair sticks if you want to give different, useful and stylish gifts!

Hand-Crafted Wooden Japanese Hair Stick

Click to explore Kagan Onal's Japanese Hair Sticks

We continue the hair accessories. With Darwins hand-dyed silk ponytail holders, anyone could reflect her sustainable lifestyle. 

Hand dyed silk pony tail holder

Click here to Darwins Botanicals Hand Dyed Silk Ponytail Holders

What do you think of colourful hair wrap? It can be good alternative to the rebellious soul. 

happy-nes handcrafted colourful hair wrap

 Click here for Happy-Nes handcrafted colourful hair wrap, snap


8- Leather Accessories

Chivit creates leather designs that are timeless, with a bohemian spirit and that brings out the quality craftsmanship to the fore, using entirely natural materials, making them all by hand. These leather triangle case and cable organiser, these can be among the smallest but cool gifts. 

Triangle Case, Red Brown

Click here for Chivit Triangle Case


chivit leather taco cable organizer

Click here for Taco Cable Organiser

9. Notebooks

Although there is no need for notebooks due to technological advances, writing is always an ideal way to free the mind, if there are pleasant notebooks. 

Paper Street green collection notebook set

 Click here for Paper Street Green Collection Notebook Set


Musvedde handmade notebooks

 Click here for Musvedde Handmade Notebook


Why Note!? Fun Note Bag, Neon Purple, Animal Print

Click here for Why Note!? Fun Note Bag, Neon Purple, Animal Print 

Why Note!? bags are both a notebook for your wonderful articles and also a shoulder bag for your outfits, which will delight someone as well as surprise.

10. Decorating

You may want to get a gift to people who love home decorating. 

I focus print Click here for I focus Print 


11. Ceramic

The rising trend of ceramic continues. Give coffee lovers a pleasant moment with one ceramic cups.

one ceramic Brown Aphrodite Cup

Click here for One Ceramic Aphrodite Cup 


12. Postcards

We can say "Old But Gold" is the gift idea for postcards. 

For Good Wishes Set of 10 Postcard Pack

 Click here For Good Wishes, Postcard Pack


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