Christmas Gifts Ideas For Kids

Posted on November 21 2019

Christmas Gifts Ideas For Kids

Think of the nights when you wake up Christmas morning excitedly in your childhood. There is nothing sweeter than the smile on the face of children who wakes up and unwrap their presents on Christmas morning. Everybody wants to give the best Christmas gift to kids. Have you choose Christmas gifts for your favourite little boy or little girl. Christmas is on the corner and it is time to choose your 2019 Christmas presents for the kids. 

Here we have listed special gift ideas for children from hippist.

1. Monkinya Yoga Cards, Positive Ideas For Busy Little Minds

Monkinya is a yoga and mindfulness brand for kids with a passion for helping young people grow mindfully and live consciously.

Positive Ideas for Busy Little Minds


Introducing children to mindfulness activities like positive affirmations from an early age is such a powerful tool in their development. 

2. Monkinya Yoga Cards, Monkin Memory Yoga Cards

Monkin memory yoga cards

Memory games help to improve concentration, train visual memory and short term memory, increase attention to detail. 

3. Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf babies are part of the Waldorf education system. In this system, simple, simple and imaginative toys that help to enrich the child's imagination are preferred. Instead of ready, finished, plastic toys, simple toys made with natural materials and manual labour are preferred.

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 waldorf dolls


4. Kartonkinder Playhouses

kartonkinder playhouse


Kartonkinder playhouses big enough to allow 20 kids colour and play together and the colouring function is the most enjoyable part of the play. 

It is useful for birthday parties, playgroups, playdates, nurseries, drama lessons, picnics and where ever you need to play together, keeping them entertained for hours on end as they colour its sides and go in and out of its two entrances.

5. Budizzz Sleeping Buddy Teddy Bear

Budizzz Sleeping Buddy Teddy Bear, Parent's new hero, Baby's best sleeping buddy.

Colour Your Own Cardboard X-Large Playhouse


The sound device attached to Budizzz has activated automatically with the build-in sound sensor, which starts playing white noise whenever the baby cries or other sounds appear around the baby. 

6. Happy-nes Colourful Anklets

happy-nes handcrafted colourful anklets

Happy-Nes is a handcrafted accessory design brand that aims to create colourful lifestyles. Happy-Nes anklets can be a cute option to colour little's wrists.

7. Toyi Open-Ended Play Experience Kit

Toyi is a limitless creative play kit without instructions that enables children to transform everyday objects around them into unique toys.

With a kit consisting of wheels, feet, hands, eyes, joints, sticks, flexible connectors kids aged 6+ can transform any object around them into a toy of their own creation.

toyi open-ended play experinece kit

 Click here Toyi Open-Ended Play Experience Set



8. Fern&Co Kids Melamine Tableware Sets

melamine tableware set for kids


Decorative, colourful melamine tableware set for kids.

8) Tablet & Laptop Webcam Cover

Recently, digital privacy is quite important. Particular attention should be paid to safe internet use for children. Funsy webcam covers can be a non-worrying and funny gift of protection hackers.

space ship webcam cover for digital privacy

Click here for Space Ship Mini Webcam Cover

9. Eyeglass Chains

bonjouk studio eyeglass chains


Little ones never lost their eyeglasses with Bonjouk Studio beaded eyeglass chains. These colourful sunglass straps will be a favourite part of little ones in 2020. They can be personalised special to your little one.


10. Doll House Furniture

doll furniture set

Click here for Doll House Furniture, Family 

Doll House Furniture is designed for +3 kids to improve their hand-eye coordination while they assemble the pieces. 

Explore different Christmas present ideas for kids in our curated collection.


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