Colours from the healing of nature...

Posted on March 04 2019

Colours from the healing of nature...


Som Design Studio goals to use the untreated raw form of the material. Means of the Som; raw. The raw material of the form represents its own personality with its colour, its texture, its smell…
Founder of Som Design Studio Begüm Durukan, after graduating from the Industrial Design Department, worked as art director advertising industry. Later on, she decided to work on product designing along with creating her own brand. She chose to design non-industrial, handmade unique products. When she moved to Muğla Akyaka from Istanbul, her connection with nature has improved. Then Som Design Studio found its own personality. She started using sustainable and natural materials for her designs. That's how it began to use cotton yarns and natural dye in her designs.

Som Design Studio creates products that are part of a sustainable life end nature-friendly. It prefers to use the material as untreated. The raw state of the material is the state of the raw material, the texture and the smell. It uses cotton ropes dyed with ancient natural dyeing methods in decoration products. 

Ancient natural dyeing methods have long been known in different cultures and civilizations. Turkey, especially in carpet producing madder used but have kept the area from oblivion today. This ancient knowledge was rapidly abandoned after the discovery of synthetic dyes at the end of the 18th century.


Natural hand dye with avakado


After the healing of fruits, vegetables and plants we eat, we can convert these foods' shells, roots and seeds into paint instead of throwing them away. While nature has already provided us with what we need, we realized that there is no need to use unsustainable and non-reversible synthetic dyes. Thanks to our communication with nature while living in the countryside, we continue to acquire new information with new experiences in natural dyeing.  


Natural Hand Dye Process


There are different ways to get natural dyeing. The natural dyeing process consists of three sometimes four stages. We do not throw cotton ropes used in decoration products to dye without cleaning and mordanting. As long as it doesn't apply the natural dyeing steps correctly, the dye can not hold onto the ropes and because of its low light fastness, the viability of the colours will disappear in a short time. 


Natural rope dye with pomegranate process


By using information that has been forgotten in the present day, we are more fortunate to absorb nature and feel very fortunate to be with us on the road to becoming a supporter of a sustainable and clean environment.

Som Design Studio creates wall accessories, home accessories, lighting products, kids room products, macrame products by using naturally dyed ropes and different materials such as wood, brass and copper are produced. Explore the Som Design Studio products.


Som Design Natural Hand Dye Wall Hanging 

Thanks to Begum Durukan for her contribution to this post with the hand dying process explanations and photos.

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