Combine Your White T-shirt with 5 Funky Accessories from Hippist

Posted on July 23 2019

Combine Your White T-shirt with 5 Funky Accessories from Hippist

A white t-shirt is indispensable in every wardrobe just like a black dress. Its simplicity and timeless design offer us unlimited combinations. There is space for white T-shirts in every fashion trend.

Wearing it in blazer jacket and be “Smart Casual”, combine it with “jean and high heel shoes” and be ready for Friday evening.

We have funky and cool accessories at hippist for you to create colourful stylings with a white t-shirt.

1) Happy-nes Eyeglass Chains

Eyeglass chains are one of the popular accessory these days. Combine your white T-shirt with Happy-nes hand-crafted and trendy fashion lanyards and reflect the colours.

2) Bonjouk Studio Eyeglass Chains

Continuing eyeglass chains! Have you discovered Bonjouk Studios' beaded eyeglass chains? If you haven’t discovered it, look before they stocked out! You will never lose your favourite pair of shades again with these colourful, fun sunglass chains.

Bonjouk Studio Bead Eyeglass Chain - Bang Bang

3) NOTT Bracelets (Nature of the Things)

Not following any trends, but offers timeless designs. NOTT hand-dyes silk ropes and brings a pure touch of nature to the city. You are ready for a perfect day with a white t-shirt and your Nott bracelet.

Nott Hany-dyed Silk and Leather Bracelets

4) Happy-nes Hair Wraps

Everybody needs a little teenage soul sometimes. Add some colour to your hair with the handmade Happy-nes hair wraps!



Happy-nes Hair Wrap - Snap

5) Deka Silver Necklaces

Complete your White t-shirt with Deka silver necklace. A good choice to finish your look.

Deka - Flying Birds Silver Necklace


Maybe what you need is not a white t-shirt, but a relaxed cut white kimono.

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