Deep Breath and Fresh Yoga

Posted on August 06 2019

Deep Breath and Fresh Yoga


We all love yoga at hippist. So we picked a lot of unique and lovely yoga designs for you at hippist. Each of these yoga items are designed by independent designers with impressive stories. We have put them together for you.


Roru Round Yoga Mats

The yoga mats are the basic part of comfortable yoga. Roru designed colourful and comfortable mats will be an indispensable part of your daily sports life.



Moon Round Yoga Mat 


It will be easier for you to focus with round cut Moon Round Yoga Mat with its 1,5mm microfiber top layer. Designed with a unique inspiration of full moon to make your yoga experience much better. 

See the other Moon Series yoga mats.

Epidotte Yoga Bag

This yoga bag can fit comfortably most regular-sized mats. Functional, chic and eco-friendly at the same time. It can be worn either on one shoulder or as a crossbody bag. The added pocket makes it easier to use and ensures that your cups and keys are secure during all your activities. By the way, its 30% off discounted now!

Eco-friendly Washable Paper Yoga Bag

 Epidotte Yoga Bag

Epidotte designs and makes fashion & homeware accessories made from a unique washable, flexible, eco-friendly paper. Epidotte team set their standards very high and all their products are handmade in their dedicated ateliers. They want to spread the energy of organic lifestyle with Epidotte philosophy which provides people with a new smart ecological approach in their daily life. Esther Levi, head of Epidotte’s design team, strongly believes in the power of balanced consumption. The brand whose target audience are the ones who love to discover, stylish, brave and creative. Indeed Epidotte does not only produce its products it delivers a new point of view for anyone who lives organic, loves and protects nature.


Ryder Act Yoga Jumpsuit

Ryder Act's founder Kubra uses her unique designs to express her world while getting inspired by metropolitan life... and this inspiration ends up merging with the belief that sport is an essential part of life. The starting point of the collection is ‘active woman and the way she defines herself’.

There are relaxed, flexible yoga jumpsuits, leggings, tops and t-shirts in the collection. 


 Ryder Act Yoga Jumpsuit


Roru Yoga Socks

Do your feet get cold at the yoga studios or in parks? We have a great option for you. Roru knee-high yoga/pilates socks with its special soft fabric. Practice comfortably while having the sweat of feet in safely.


 Roru Yoga Socks


Monkinya Monkin Memory Yoga Cards

These yoga cards is a fun way to start yoga with your kids. Monkinya is a yoga and mindfulness brand for kids with a passion for helping young people grow mindfully and live consciously.

"Monkinya is an imaginary country where little humans, “Monkins,” are raised in a world full of love and respect - for nature, themselves and others."

- The founder of Monkinya, Merve Onay, Yoga Teacher,

Explore Monkinya kids yoga cards from here.

Monkiya Yoga Memory Cards


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