5 Reasons to wear Eyeglass Chains!

Posted on July 05 2019

5 Reasons to wear Eyeglass Chains!

Eyeglass Chains are the New Black! Besides being one of the new style items, we write down 5 reasons to wear eyeglass chains.


1. You don't use lose your favourite pair of shades when you use eyeglass chains. Simply put them to your sunglasses and enjoy it.  


Loveislove eyeglass chain

Love is Love Eyeglass Chain is designed to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. 


2. Eyeglass chain is a fun and stylish way to carry your glasses. Colourful, plain, stylish, fun, beaded, chain, designer branded or independent designer made, you can find one in your taste easily.


Happynes Eyeglass Chain

Happy-nes City of Paris Eyeglass Chain is made by Happy-nes, one the most popular up and coming independent designer brand. See the full eyeglass chain collection of Happy-nes.


3. Eyeglass chain is a great way to keep your glasses close at hand if they're not on your face. Say goodbye to search for your eyeglasses every time you went in and out of stores. Happy?


Sunglass chain

Strawberry Lemonade Eyeglass Chain is a fun and colourful choice. 


4. You may add colour to your daily wear, beachwear or business look instantly by using eyeglass chains. Whether your eyeglass chain is rope, beaded, pearl or chain every eyeglass chain fits stylishly with your outfit.


Eyeglass chain

Stay in the Magic Eyeglass Chain is a perfect choice to colour your beach style.


5. Fun and easy to wear to the beach. A perfect summer accessory. 


Heart of Gold eyeglass lanyard

Heart of Gold with its simple and elegant design is an ideal choice for your work style.


See our full eyeglass chain collection from here.


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