For the Love of Precious Denim Designs and Slow Fashion…

Posted on October 12 2018

For the Love of Precious Denim Designs and Slow Fashion…

I want to introduce you with a very special brand, one square meter. When I first saw their designs I instantly understood that they are very special so their designs. And now I am watching their evolving story in excitement as their designs are so unique and genuine in these days everything became the same and ordinary.

one square meter is established by Zeynep and Çağrı in a beautiful Aegean village, Gömeç. They started one square meter adopting slow fashion philosophy and thinking slowing down is precious,  makes you realize the transformation of nature, the time, and tells a better story of the value of ‘things’ and make you interpret them.



One night they were talking how they didn’t buy a single thing for a long time, the products they used were things that they knew had a story, produced with love and they couldn’t find such items any more so at that moment they decided to produce these valuable items themselves.

As they give a very high value to hand-works, they are producing with their hands as they measure, mow, paint, carve and sew to create good things in life with design.


Indigo Denim Painting


Indigo designs are painted by hand. Woodblock designs are handprinted with a traditional woodblock technique. The uniqueness of this technique adds to the individuality of each design.

 Handmade woodblock print on denim and linen

As well as dresses, shirts, skirts and pants there are exquisite designs in their collection such as kimono denim jackets, denim and linen haoris or a hakama that you couldn’t find anywhere.


unisex indigo haori handpainted with batik on the back

This unisex haoris' garment is handpainted with batik on the back, before dyeing the garment in an indigo bath.

Wish these design enthusiast couple luck in their journey…


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