9 Fun Designs To Colour Your Ordinary Life

Posted on January 20 2020

9 Fun Designs To Colour Your Ordinary Life

Are you at a time when you question your life as ordinary? Are you thinking of getting rid of monotony by making minor changes in this ordinary life?
Maybe you can start by getting yourself a colourful, fun or unique gift.
We have some suggestions for you.

1) Happy-Nes Phone Strap

No more carrying your phone with your hands. With Happy-Nes colourful hand-made bag straps, your phone strap is always with you so that you can use your hands freely while walking, shopping or running to the office. Also, stop losing your phone.


happy-nes handmade phone strap

Click here for Happy-Nes Handmade Phone Cover With Strap, North Sea

2) Bamboo Socks

Fundaze's bamboo socks are both ideals for foot health and have fun and minimal designs. We would like to mention that it is our most gifted product during the Christmas season. The colourful socks fashion that appears under the pants still continues!

Bamboo socks with Italian Greyhound pattern, pink.

Click here for Bamboo socks with Italian Greyhound pattern, pink.

3) Webcam Covers

The importance of digital security has been increasing in recent days. You may be taking Software measures for cybersecurity. We also have a fun and motivating idea Funsy webcam covers. You too have seen people taping the computer camera lately. We can feel what you think about those tapes, yes they're really ugly. The computer you spend most of the day with fun Funsy webcam covers will inspire you and you will call hackers bye. Moreover, you can use your camera whenever you want.

cosmos webcam covers

Click here for Funsy webcam cover, Cosmos


4) Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbons

Darwin's Botanicals makes their paints from vegetable waste and paints silk ribbons with these paints. These hand-painted ribbons appear. You can have them and use them in many areas from home decoration to stationery. The choice is yours.

hand-dyed silk ribbons 

Click here for Darwin's Botanicals Silk Ribbons 


5) Bonjouk Studio Eyeglass Chains

It's time to get a new sunglass chain for your glasses. You will not take them apart, you will not lose them deep in the bag. Moreover, with the customization option, you can write the message you want.

Personalised Beaded Sunglass Chain, Stay in the Magic

Click here for Personalised Beaded Sunglass Chain, Stay in the Magic


6) Hand Carved Wooden Hair Stick

How about gathering your hair with these hand-carved wooden hair sticks, not with a hairpin? Get ready to ask everyone where you found them.

hand carved wooden stick

Click here for hand-carved hair stick


7) Notebook and bag, Notebag

Taking notes has never been this much fun. Why Note !? Complete your style with purse notebooks and notepad.

Why Note!? Fun Note Bag, Neon Red, Animal Print

Click here for Why Note!? Notebags


9) Reusable Beeswax Wrap

Reducing the use of plastics is very important for our nature and future. Time to meet mum.o, which is produced as an alternative to disposable plastic bags. Discover the washable Mum.o.

Reusable Beeswax Wrap

Click here for Mum.o reusable beeswax wraps

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