Funsy's New Sliding Webcam Covers

Posted on August 02 2020

Funsy's New Sliding Webcam Covers

Almost every month, Funsy adds new products to its collections. We try to help you find the webcam cover that suits you best. We want everyone to use their computers safely, especially these days when the importance of using webcam covers is increasing. You can have a safe internet experience by using webcam covers instead of boring and useless tools such as tape. In addition to this secure internet experience, they also offer you entertainment. Here are Funsy's new products:

1- Fit Avocado

The motivation and fun you are looking for is in Avocado Webcam Cover! It will give you the control of your camera with its slider and will provide the motivation you need with a drawing of a sporty avocado!

2- Party

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There is always time for cocktails. We love cocktails with its colorful appearance and we want to see it at any time! That's why we included cocktails in our webcam cover!

3- Cats

What is the biggest gift than the love of a cat? We definitely need the love of these animals! We can share this love by carrying our little friends on our computer at any time!

4- Happy Avocado

The happiness and fun you are looking for is in Happy Avocado Webcam Cover! It will give you control of your camera with its slider and will give you the positivity you need with happy avocado!

5- Sushi


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What is your favorite Chinese food? If you are a lover of Sushi, like us, Sushi Webcam Cover is for you! It will make you happy and protect your security with its cute designs.

6- Fruits

Let nature's candies Fruits take their place in your computers with their fun and colorful designs! We used the summer fruits in our Fruits Webcam Covers to remind us of the sunny days!

7- Cactus

Colorful pots, lush green plants ... Let's start the day by looking at the plants we love every day!

8- Basketball

Basketball is one of our favorite sports with its ambition, excitement, and legends. Our recommendation for those who love to carry their hobbies and passions on their computers and want to show everyone is Basketball Webcam Cover!

9- Travel

Is it a passion for you to travel the world, explore new places, and see undiscovered beauty? If so, Travel Webcam Cover is for you! Let Travel Webcam Cover take its place on your phone to inspire and motivate you while you work.

10- Saturn

Are you ready for a space adventure and discover the beauty of the planets? Just like the Saturn ring, Webcam Covers will keep you safe, all the time.

11- Pacman

Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and Cyle, our old friends, will always be there for you and take you back to good old days! Pacman is very important game for game history. Pacman Webcam Cover will help you to not losing games. The Game is not over yet!


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