Everyday Objects are Transforming Into Colourful Accessories with Happy-nes

Posted on June 25 2019

Everyday Objects are Transforming Into Colourful Accessories with Happy-nes

Happy-nes is one of the most popular up and coming independent brand all over the world these days. There is absolutely one thing for everyone through Happy-nes designs

The founders of Happy-nes, Nesli and Ilan are travel enthusiasts whose favourite travel destinations are exotic locations, they even spent a couple of months living in Zanzibar.

In 2014, a kite surfing trip to Philippines and Zanzibar turned into a life-changing business venture for them. Between the stunning sunsets and tropical breezes, the lovely couple enjoyed the simple and laidback lifestyle of the people they encountered.

Happynes founders Nesli and Ilan

While creating Happy-ness goods, their main inspiration came from the long trips that they did to tropical islands in Africa and Asia for kite surfing. Colourful cultures, local habits and food, turquoise ocean and caravan culture... These inspirations are combined with the most basic products of our everyday life. This is the story of how it all began…

Today we picked 5 fun Happy-nes designs for you.

1. Happy-nes Earphone

Music sounds better with these trendy, handmade colourful earphones!

Cosmic Happy-nes Earphones

Explore Happy-nes Earphones from here!

2. Happy-nes Camera & Phone Strap

You can use these straps with your camera or cross use with your smartphones. The ergonomic body-conforming system and pivot ring keep weight distributed along with the shoulder muscles keeping strain off the neck.

Happy-nes camera and phone strapHappy-nes camera and phone strap

Explore Happy-nes Camera & Phone Straps from here!

3. Happy-nes Eyeglass Chain

Eyeglass chain is the new black! You will never lose your favourite pair of shades again with these colourful, fun sunglass chains!

Happy-nes Eyeglass Chain 

Explore Happy-nes Eyeglass Chains from here!

4. Happy-nes Charging Cable

Add colour to your day with trendy, handmade and coloured Apple iPhone Charging Cables. 

Happy-nes Charging Cable

Explore Happy-nes Charging Cables from here!

5. Happy-nes Bag Straps

Happy-nes bag straps are created with many different, special and technical yarns. There are three types of Happy-nes bag straps. The purpose of Happy-nes bag straps is to colour the chic and fancy bags that you are using in your everyday life. While using your Happy-Nes bag strap, you will feel different and special as each model is designed individually for you.`aaaaaw``

Happy-nes Bag straps

Happy-nes bag straps

Explore Happy-nes Bag Straps from here!


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