How to Boost Kids' Creativity

Posted on September 14 2017

How to Boost Kids' Creativity



Creativity is no longer just a “nice-to-have”; it’s a critical tool for economic survival at a time when rote tasks can be performed by anyone (even a robot) anywhere and the information is just a click away. Tomorrow’s workplace will value our children more for their ability to create new ideas than recall facts or replicate processes. So if creativity is not a defined genetic trait but skill and process practised over time, then what can we do now to inspire and foster creative development from a young age?

Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that the current approach isn’t working. Creative Quotient scores (a creativity measure developed and tracked since the 1950s whose correlation to creative success is three times stronger than IQ) are showing a significant downward trend in children between the ages 4 and 10. As children spend more and more time taking standardised tests and engaging in highly structured play (organised sports, video games, etc.), open-ended and imaginative play is being marginalised.

The answer, quite simply, is to take back creative play by reimagining it for the modern era. Kids create, learn, and share their ideas through imaginative toys like GOM.

GOM is organic paper modules to design & construct 3D shapes. There are no restrictions on its creative use. It is intended to stimulate creative self-expression. You can design an unlimited number of shapes. Anyone from 5 years onward who believes in the power of creative games can play. It is a tool for developing all fine motor skills. GOM teaches cooperation, concentration, patience, non-verbal communication, reinforces responsibility and self-confidence. Understanding math in the form of patterns & geometry.

If you are one of those parents who are looking for opportunities to play and co-create with their kids, GOM is definitely your toy.


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