Independent Designer of the Week: Ka’i & Vrosi

Posted on August 10 2019

Independent Designer of the Week: Ka’i & Vrosi
Ka’i & Vrosi designs handmade accessories, made with a technique which is the cultural heritage of the Black Sea Region. Handmade, unique accessories of Ka’i & Vrosi are made by special traditional fabric weaved by using handlooms by the local artisans.


Why So Special?

Peshtemal fabric is used in all designs of Ka’i & Vrosi. This fabric is a multicoloured striped pattern textile woven from cotton yarn. What makes it so unique is the way it is manufactured and the story behind it. It is even considered as a cultural heritage. The women of the Black Sea region used their “peshtemal” as a scarf and as a garment while collecting nuts and tea, working on lands fertilized by the rain.  These handmade, unique peshtemals are 100% weaved by using handlooms, with leather in the hands of master craftsmen. This traditional production method is so rare and about to become extinct.

Kai V'rosi changed the utilization area of the “peshtemal” and adapted it to everyday accessories; bags and purses. Combined this rare find valuable “peshtemal” weaved using a wooden loom with genuine leather and handwoven baskets to create genuinely beautiful accessories.


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Kai V'rosi's local production empowers local women in the Black Sea Region.

The story behind the Brand Name

Kai and V'rosi mean “GOOD” in the Laz language. Therefore it is a reduplication. But “K’ai” is predominantly used in Artvin, Arhavi region and “Vrosi” is mostly used by Laz people of Ardeşen. This reduplication is formed by words belonging to these two regions. Therefore, we reflected the diversity of the region into our brand name.

From where?

The place Kai V'rosi created is the Black Sea region, one of the most exquisite and geographically rich regions of Turkey with its black sea, high green mountains, crater lakes, rivers, deep green forests and beautiful plateaus, runs along Turkey’s Black Sea coast, bordering Georgia to the northeast. It's lined with greenest and lovely seaside towns and undeveloped beaches.

The people of the Black Sea are great lovers of fishing, the sea, corn, tea and hazelnut. This colourful population is full of humour and deeply dedicated to the earth.*

There are many historical places in the region. The monumental Trabzon Müzesi, originally a Byzantine church, now houses art and historical artefacts. Inland in Altındere National Park, the Soumela Monastery is built into a cliff face and decorated with frescoes. Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary at Melá Mountain within the Pontic Mountains range, in the Maçka district of Trabzon Province in modern Turkey.


Historical Sumela Manastery Inside

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