Indoor Activity Ideas With Kids

Posted on October 09 2019

Indoor Activity Ideas With Kids

Sunny summer days allow lots of outdoor activities are left behind. The weather started to cool, the leaves fell... Winter is coming... As such, the time we spent outside is decreased. Luckily, there are a lot of fun indoor activity options.

Playing games with our family and friends at home makes both parents and children very happy. Rather than having children spend time with computers, mobile phones and tablets etc., doing creative activities with them is very essential for the development of our children.

We have some activity ideas for you.

1) Cardboard Playhouses 

Every child loves building their own world by creating houses at home from armchair and pillows. And every child likes painting...

You can build and paint the cardboard playhouses of Kartonkinder and enjoy the family size fun at home.

Also, children can paint playhouses as they want freely. Thanks to Kartonkinder children can be architects of their own homes.

Click to shop Cardboard Playhouses X-Large

Kartonkinder playhouses are big enough to allow 20 kids colour and play together. The whole family welcomes to play together; an adult and two kids can comfortably fit inside. Useful for birthday parties, playgroups, playdates, nurseries, drama lessons, picnics and where ever you need to play together, keeping them entertained for hours on end as they colour its sides and go in and out of its two entrances.

2) Coloured Leaf Print

A low cost, nature-based, sustainable autumn-like activity.


Coloured leaf print

You can start your activity by collecting the leaves you came across on the parks while you are walking out with your children. You can paint the leaves and stick them on paper. Afterwards, you can frame your colourful leaves and decorate your wall with this fun activity.

Coloured leaf print

3) Kids Yoga With Yoga Cards

Children's mental development is completed at an early age. Early connection with them in this period is very important for your future relationships. Today's multi-message interactive era needs quite positive communications.

Monkinya positive ideas for busy little minds yoga cards


You can start with Monkinya Positive Ideas For Busy Little Minds Yoga Cards.

How to play?

Choose a card to boost your mood, encourage happy thoughts and create a positive mindset. Try repeating each one three times, making your voice louder and more confident as you go. Practice by yourself, with friends or family and see how good it makes you feel!

4) Colourful Pompom Activites

You can make X cuts on the back of a cardboard box and paint them in different colours. Then ask your children to discard the pompoms in appropriate colours holes. X-cut is a great way to improve children's fingers and fine motor skills. A fun game to learn both colours.

X-cut colourful pompom indoor activity



5) Open-Ended Play Experience Kit

Toyi is a limitless creative play kit without instructions that enables children to transform everyday objects around them into unique toys.

Toyi open-ended play experience kit

Click to shop Toyi Open-Ended Play Experience, Starter Kit

With a kit consisting of wheels, feet, hands, eyes, joints, sticks, flexible connectors kids aged 6+ can transform any object around them into a toy of their own creation.

How to play?

There are no instructions or rules in Toyi kits. The entire process is left to children’s imagination. With the open-ended play experience, Toyi provides, children can make a limitless number of toys using their creativity.

1. Pick any material
2. Wrap it with connectors
3. Transform it into a toy to play!


 We hope you enjoy every moment you spent with your children...



Coloured leaf print:

X-cut pompom activity:


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