Little Fabien's Inspiring World

Posted on October 15 2018

Little Fabien's Inspiring World



Little Fabien is created by Istanbul-based artist Gamze Tunc Sengul. She has always been making, writing, crafting, knitting things since she can remember. Learned how to sew from her grandmother she was full of imagination, there were always stories about people and other things in her mind…

Then she has begun to sew babies and write stories about them. Shy computer engineer Andy, who chases his dreams after delivering a letter telling ‘We Want You”. Paul, “Kiss My Fabien” bands’ writer and vocal who lives in Brooklyn with his sister. Hope, who leaves everything behind and goes to India to find her inner peace after her 28th birthday. Then she started to write less but sew more. She crafted babies as detailed as possible to make everyone understood their stories as if they read them.

Finally she created her main character Little Fabien. She stuffed her with inspired energies pieced together from all around. She says her studio is her base camp for creativity where she lives her skater husband and two adorable cats in Istanbul.

Little Fabien's are hand stitched and 100% handmade using the finest of recycled materials including felt, yarn, natural linens, cotton stuffing and fibres. Each doll has a wire component inside, so the dolls can move! All babies are different from each other both in physical appearance as well as stories. Their one common characteristic is they are all zombie dolls.

David Bowie Little Fabien Zombie DollFreddie Mercury Handmade Zombie dollAmy Winehouse Handmade doll

 David Fabien & Freddy Fabien & Amy Fabien

As well as celebrity dolls there are personalized Little Fabien's crafted especially for you. "Little Fabien loves to make custom dolls, it's very inspired" Gamze says. Send us your photo, gender, eye and skin colour information, glasses or any special requests and more details then voila your mini-me handmade doll is ready!


In Little Fabien world each doll has a different story. If you like stories and would like to meet "small-sized real people" come, explore them at hippist.

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