Hip Designs for Mandala Lovers

Posted on September 27 2019

Hip Designs for Mandala Lovers


Mandala designs have become very popular since it's about yoga and it's pretty multifunctional. This mandala tapestry can be used for many home decor purposes such as a wall hanging, a bedspread, a wall art, a bed cover, a curtain, and a table cloth. You can also use that as a sarong. Makes a great beach towel, yoga mat, and any other decors.

Lets Boho Mandala Sarong

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This product has a very deep and old meaning. The actual term mandala comes from Sanskrit. A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism.

It represents the universe. Mandala is designed to release us from the toxicities of our thoughts, promote relaxation and allow the creative mind to run free, nowadays has become a generic term for any geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically.


Mandala Sarong


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Mandala sarong

The mandala can also be seen in a variety of other religions and philosophies. A mandala tapestry is used as a form of meditation. You can also use this product as a gift!

The colours are symbolic and meaningful: Pink for love, Blue for meditation, Red for strength, and passion. Orange for creativity, Yellow for happiness, Black for a mystery. Along with this life tree, labyrinth, sun symbols have their own meanings.

Lets Boho Mandala sarong designs are unique by design, mesmerizingly colourful, lightweight, durable, hydrophilic and quick-drying. You'll want to take Let's Boho Sarong to everywhere you're headed.

Mandala lovers, we have a surprise for you! We are offering you the best yoga mat ever! You can also customize your mat with a unique mandala design also you'll get a special pen set as a gift!

Moon Collection Mats are based on the breathtaking eclipse and inspired by the moon. Thanks to the Roru Moon Mats, you won't even need a towel in your Yoga class.

Do it yourself Mandala yoga mat 

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