Meet Independent Designers Series: Bonjouk Studio

Posted on December 18 2019

Meet Independent Designers Series: Bonjouk Studio

Whenever we collaborate with a brand, we meet them and listen to their stories. We meet creative, talented and intelligent people. These designers value their brands. We are impressed by how they started and what they experienced when developing their brands. We want you to have this feeling. We wanted you to take a closer look at the stories behind the products you purchased. So, we decided and we wanted to introduce them to you by conducting short interviews with these designers. 

The first of these interviews starts with Bonjouk Studio. Let's interview with these powerful women! 

5 woman poses

How is started your brand? Did you all know each other? 

We have established Bonjouk Studio as best friends. First, we started by making glasses chains that we could not find anywhere and reflecting us. Then we opened a store because of the likes and desires of those around us and started to grow. Natural stones, natural pearls and necklaces have been added to our business and we have started to send our products to nearly every corner around the world. 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a designer? 

Actually, we always know that someday we will be making our products. Every time we went shopping, we had trouble finding products for ourselves. There was always something missing. Or the products were always meaningless. So, we wanted to come up with something meaningful and valuable. 

necklaces are designing. There are beads and stones on the table.

What was the biggest challenge in this process? 

When you do your job with love, nothing seems to be a challenge. Like everyone else, we have had difficulties from time to time. But the problems are always solved. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

We certainly say that, we inspiration from nature! Nature always inspires us. Colors, natural stones, sky, sea … This is why we use natural pearls and stones in our collection. We bring elegance and nature together. 

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever designed? 

It’s hard to choose. They all have different meanings. But if we have to say something, Jenna Amethyst, Pink Opal & Tourmaline Necklace. It must be created carefully, patiently and with love. 

Amethyst & Tourmaline & Pink Opal Necklace on the white marble

What kind of person wears your jewelry? 

Anyone can wear our necklaces. But we inspired strong, independent women who know what they want.  We wanted them to carry natural luxury. 

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