Meet The Excellent Craftsmanship: Chivit

Posted on March 28 2019

Meet The Excellent Craftsmanship: Chivit

The creators behind the Chivit, that has generated mass appeal amongst the design scene in a short time, are award-winning fashion designer Tolga Turan and his wife, photographer Özgül Özgüle Turan. The couple came upon the fading craftmanship of leather saddle stitching while travelling together. Following high demand for the leather goods which Özgül made by hand as a present to Tolga, they decided to create Chivit in 2013: ‘‘Our story began by reminding ourselves the value of care and effort behind every piece, and its work and detail. Our passion for the colour indigo has brought us to "çivitblue” which is equivalent to this colour in our land. We named our brand Chivit, which symbolizes our dreams as well as the colour of our intuition. We are a brand that interprets uniquely handcrafted, and saddle stitched, durable leather goods with modern designs. Starting from the design of a product, every phase of production is carried out by a member of the Chivit family without the use of any machine, all made by hand. As part of our sustainability and recycling philosophy, we strictly work with traditionally processed and natural tanned leather, and by no means use any kind of exotic leather.’’

Founders of Chivit Ozgul and Tolga

Chivit specializes in accessories for men and creates leather designs that are timeless, with a bohemian spirit and that brings out the quality craftsmanship to the fore, using entirely natural materials, making them all by hand. 100% Genuine leather pieces are cut from cowhide and are saddle-stitched with waxed thread by hand. 

Chivit handcrafted leather goods

In addition to wallets and organizers, Chivit designed, however, one product stands out in particular: the holster for the smartphone.

"Who wanted to survive in the wild, had to be good with the Colt. And for that, the daring cowboy needed a holster in which his shooting iron not only hung well but from which he could quickly pull it out. In the meantime (fortunately) a lot has changed and it will only be really dangerous for the outlaw of today if instead of the pistol he can not pull his ringing smartphone out of his pocket immediately. For this reason, Chivit has developed a holster for the modern man, who looks not only practical but also incredibly stylish. 

Of course, doubters are frowning at the look of this not necessarily a contemporary but unbelievably daring-looking accessory, but let's be honest: you'll remember Bruce Willis in "Die Hard 5". Just like John McLane, you can now hunt through the streets, with the only difference that instead of a .45, just her iPhone hangs in the leather holster."


Featured on in March 2019, the handmade genuine leather Holster in the photo is signature original designs of the brand. You may explore the holsters from here.


chivit handmade leather holster

The ultimate accessory for big-city cowboys or travellers who want to keep both their hands and their pockets free. Besides Chivit's handcrafted leather men’s holster is the perfect accessory for a Peaky Blinders' look.  


Chivit co-founder Tolga with bespoke Holster

Chivit co-founder Tolga with the bespoke Holster designed by himself.

Why Chivit is so special?

All products are made by hand by the designer in Turkey.

100% Genuine leather, all pieces are cut from cowhide and are saddle-stitched with waxed thread by hand.

As part of their sustainability and recycling philosophy, they strictly work with traditionally processed and natural tanned leather, and by no means use any kind of exotic leather.

Chivit handcrafted tobacco casehandmade leather organiserHandcrafted leather Microwallet designed by Chivit

Explore Chivit’s handcrafted leather holsters, Macbook clutches, iPad organisers, tobacco bags, bifold wallets, mini wallets, cable organizers, iPad organisers, MacBook clutches, fine tobacco pouches and accessories for men and find the most stylish and unique gifts for men in the UK. 

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