A New Formula For The Future? Slow Design And One Square Meter

Posted on August 27 2017

A New Formula For The Future? Slow Design And One Square Meter



Are you tired of the current industrial paradigm, which is governed by unsustainable cycles of fashion and overconsumption, business ethics, and an anthropology that defines everyone as customers?

May be slow design is what you're looking for.

Slow Design is a branch of the Slow Movement, which began with the concept of Slow Food, a term coined in contrast to fast food. As with every branch of the Slow Movement, the overarching goal of Slow Design is to promote well being for individuals, society, and the natural environment. Slow Design seeks a holistic approach to designing that takes into consideration a wide range of material and social factors as well as the short and long term impacts of the design.

If "slow design" sounds appealing, it's time to discover our lovely supplier one square meter:

 "Slowing down is precious. Slowing down makes you realize the transformation of the nature, the time, and tells a better story of the value of ‘things’ and make you interpret them. slowing down, one values nature, time and things more.
As one square meter, we make sure we use nature-friendly materials that support sustainability. During the designing process, we consider the possible needs and reveal the beauty [of the materials.] Our production is handmade, meticulous and dexterous. We value your passion when purchasing and using the products from our atelier for years to come.
Slowing down will be good for all of us.
simple • functional • fun inside

Keep it simple; make sure it does what it's meant to do really well, and add some contrast so that it will make you smile."


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