Special For You: Personalised Accessories

Posted on October 20 2019

Special For You: Personalised Accessories


Nowadays, mass production is increasing rapidly, and in our world where everything becomes the same, the value of unique products is increasing day by day.

We are all searching for special and unique designs. However, it may be difficult to find one... Here, in line with your wishes, the designers and sellers who personalize the product to be purchased come into play, and this trend has been increasing rapidly in recent years: customizable items...

It is possible to find many different and unique personalized products on shopping sites. For example, cake decorations, passport covers, water bottles for your name or special belongings for your dog...

One of our independent designers Bonjouk Studio designs personalized necklaces and eyeglass chains to your request.

Bonjouk Studio redefines natural luxury with our necklaces, bracelets and eyeglass chains. Their accessories, designed by combining freshwater pearls, corals and natural stones such as tourmaline, coral, apatite, amethyst, sodalite, opal and jade, are produced individually for stylish, modern, urban women who want to carry all colours of nature. They handcraft necklaces, bracelets and eyeglass chains. These contemporary and stylish designs could be layered with other necklaces easily.

Bonjouk Studio also personalises necklaces and eyeglass chains for you and for the ones you love.


Natural stone eyeglass chains and necklaces


Their first product personalization adventures began when a customer wanted to put her dog's name on Love is Love sunglass chain.

Personalized beaded sunglass chain love is love

 Personalized Sunglass Chain Love is Love

They designed a wide range of eyeglass chains and necklaces for many customers. Some have written the names of their children, some have had positive sentences even the name of their art studio.


Personalized beaded necklace


If you want to personalize your sunglass chains or necklaces, choose a design, select the personalised option and send us an e-mail to info@hippist.co.uk!

Darling personalised necklace

Click here to explore Personalised Darling Choker Necklace


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