Time To Get A Eyeglass Chain

Posted on December 18 2019

Time To Get A Eyeglass Chain

Every year many retro pieces continue to be a trend again. Trends come and go; then comes again and this excites us. Especially in the last spring and summer; a piece we couldn't expect to be trendy appeared in a modernized way: Sunglass Chains.

Remember your grandmothers. When knitting with crochet, looking at you from top to talk to you, you clearly remembered that accessory hanging from their glasses. Perhaps the glasses ropes that went to your comic back then these pieces appeared in an incredibly cool manner and in different models. Sunglasses chain continue to rise among the latest trends.

This is an interesting but fun trendy piece that some people really admire. When you read our article you will give them the right. 

good vibes only sunglass chain


How does the idea of ​​not finding your glasses in the depths of your shopping bag at a time when you need them so much?

The idea that your glasses will fall from your face and disappear in the depths of the sea during a pleasant walk by the sea, or the idea of ​​forgetting them in a taxi, must be sad ...

As the trend continues rapidly, it is time to have your accessory that will save you from difficult situations like the top ... Moreover, when you see that you can combine them with many clothes, you really don't want to leave them with you.

We have listed Bonjouk Studio's glasses chains for you. With surprise finish :)

1) Like Snowflakes in February Evenings: Pearl Rainbow


pearl rainbow natural pearl sunglass chain


You can use eyeglasses chains not only with your sunglasses in summer, but also with your daily glasses in winter. We compare the Pearl Rainbow glasses chain to snowflakes because of their natural pearls. So romantic and delicate ...

And light or dark sweater, shirt ready to accompany all kinds of clothes with all elegance.

2) Cool Stylish And Ambitious: Glitz

glitz gold plated eyeglass chain

 Bonjouk Studio Glitz Gold Plated Eyeglass Chain

With its sleek and elegant design to fit every combination, the Glitz Glasses Chain is a must-have complementary part of your style! You will dazzle with Glitz at a business meeting or a private invitation.

3) Natural and Naive: Lina

Lina Natural Pearl & Amethyst Eyeglass Chain

Lina Natural Pearl & Amethyst Eyeglass Chain

Do you believe in the energy of the stones? The most popular feature of the amethyst stone is its relaxing effect. It gives happiness, peace, relaxation and vitality. It is an energy-laden stone. Converts the energy around you to love. While Lina is filled with beautiful energies with a chain of glasses, the naive of your appearance will impress everyone!

4) Colourful And Humble: Stay In The Magic

Personalised Beaded Sunglass Chain, Stay in the Magic 

Personalised Beaded Sunglass Chain, Stay in the Magic

Enjoy colourful dressing in winter. Show your young and fun soul with a stay in the magic eyeglass chain.

5) Strong And Stable: Carly

Carly Coral & Jade Eyeglass Chain

Carly Coral & Jade Eyeglass Chain

You will receive powerful energies from the combination of coral and jade! It will boost your self-confidence and influence your success. Your passion and romance will awaken your feelings. Revive your simple combinations with Carly.

Eyeglass chains seem to continue to be everyone's favourite part. Natural pearl, colourful, natural stone or gold-plated chain ... Whether dangling behind or in front of your neck or use as a necklace, your choice...


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