Time To Make Sustainable Choices In Your Life

Posted on September 25 2019

Time To Make Sustainable Choices In Your Life



One of the most important topics in recent years is sustainability. Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We have only one planet and we must protect it.


We have complied sustainable living products that we can use in our lives.


Sustainable Designs For Your Home


Decorate your home with the soft coloured hand made designs of Som Design Studio. All Som Design Studio products are hand-dyed with the colours of nature. 



Som Design Studio; creates products that are part of sustainable life and nature-friendly. The founder or Som Design Studio Begum prefers to use the materials untreated and raw.



Som Design Studio uses cotton ropes dyed with ancient natural dyeing methods in its wall hangings and lamps.

Our next sustainable product designer brand is Darwin’s BotanicalsDarwin's Botanicals founder Tugay creates products that take their colours from nature.

Darwin’s Botanicals aspires to adopt this basic rule of thumb to our everyday life. They extract colours from plants, fruits and vegetables that are at the end of their life cycles and hand dye natural fabrics by using these colours with the absolute care.    


Contrary to nonrenewable synthetic dyes which cause almost 20% of industrial water pollution globally, upcycled natural dyes and natural fabrics contribute to our dream of a more sustainable world.  

Click to shop Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon, Dark Terra


You can use Darwin’s natural and hand-dyed silk ribbons to decorate your dining table for your flower bouquets and reflect the touches of nature to your home.


Your living room is romantic every day with Cru Organics' beeswax candles.


Cru Organics is a woman initiative, the founder Gamze, who is an engineer and has worked for the machinery sector for many years, established the company, to encourage and support women around her. Cru Organics designs 100% natural, sustainable, ecological products with Turkish woman's creative intelligence and aesthetic perception, taking advantage of the undiscovered or inadequate and unfamiliar sources of Anatolian Territory

Cru Organics; takes the beeswax produced by the bees circulating in the spectacular flora of the South Aegean, and rolls them for you.

Sustainable Designs For Your Kitchen


No more disposable freezer bags with Mum.o design beeswax wraps.

Mum.o is a great introductory product to zero-waste and sustainable living as it helps people to question the amount of single-use items present in our day-to-day lives in big cities. Their vision is and how Mumo can help people create less waste and store food more healthily in our kitchens.



Mum.o’s beeswax wraps are both washable and reusable. And it was produced in completely natural ways.

Sustainable Designs For Your Style

It’s possible to make your accessories choices more sustainable and eco-friendly.


Get a different look with Kagan Onal’s Japanese wooden hair sticks.

The wooden hair sticks are hand-crafted by Kagan Onal in his carpentry atelier in Kuzguncuk, Istanbul. Each design made from reclaimed timbers: iroco tree, cherry tree, ash tree, oak, padauk, burr, wenge, zebrawood, boxwood, sycamore.

We have another choice... Darwin’s Botanicals hand-dyed pony holders.




What do you think when we say washable eco-friendly paper accessories and bags bag? If we get your attention you may discover Epidotte from here!

Epidotte designs fashion & homeware accessories made from a unique washable, flexible, eco-friendly paper. 

They want to spread the energy of organic lifestyle with Epidotte philosophy which provides people with a new smart ecological approach in their daily life. Esther Levi, head of Epidotte’s design team, strongly believes in the power of balanced consumption. The brand whose target audience are the ones who love to discover, stylish, brave and creative. Indeed Epidotte does not only produce its products it delivers a new point of view for anyone who lives organic, loves and protects nature.


Click to shop Epidotte It Bag, Clay

Click to read 7 Tips for 7/24 Sustainable Living tips from Epidotte.


Sustainable Designs For the Office

Write your meeting notes the traditional handmade notebooks of Müsvedde.



All of the Müsvedde notebooks are hand cut, hand drilled, hand-bound in the respect of the traditions. By nature of craft production, the notebooks are not exact same thus each one is unique. Cotton paper Müsvedde notebooks are delivered in upcycled bags designed with leftover fabric. Periodic and continuous series aims to reuse material or to keep a moment or a feeling alive.

What do you think for an eco-friendly Backpack for your laptops?


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We hope you read this post with pleasure.

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