Which Peaky Blinder are you?

Posted on August 12 2019

Which Peaky Blinder are you?


We are all very excited about approaching Peaky Blinders Season 5 starting on Sunday, August 25. We all are a fan of Peaky Blinders at hippist and we started to count.

So we decided to dedicate this post for Peaky Blinders and each one of us picked one product for each character. Let's see which Peaky Blinders look fits best for you.

Thoms Shelby from Peaky Blinders sits relaxed with brown holster


All of us have different favourites. Let's take me, my favourite character is Thomas Shelby. His calmness, intelligence, charisma is unbelievable. 

We picked Chivit's handcrafted Men's Holsters for Thomas Shelby. Almost every episode we watched him with these shoulder holsters. Our difference is we are the peaceful guys. So with the double shoulder holster bag, you can carry your phone, wallet and keys while enjoying being handsfree and leave your bag at home.

This unisex design can be worn under your jacket or on top as a style statement. And it can be easily adjusted to your body shape with the cross adjustable straps at the back.


Chivit handcrafted leather double holster

Chivit handcrafted leather Double Holster


Ada Shelby from Peaky Blinders looks to the camera

Naive, passionate, romantic Ada. You know these days pearls are really very popular. So we picked a natural pearl choker necklace for Ada. While pearls add a romantic and naive touch, colourful parts add playful character and the golden shiny balls add glamour on it. Just like Ada Shelby.

 Istanbul Natural Pearl Beaded Choker Necklace

Istanbul Natural Pearl Beaded Choker Necklace 


Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders walks toward us


I am sure you noticed that Arthur loves nice bow ties. We didn't even think for a second and we chose him this beautiful hand-dyed linen bow tie.

Hand-dyed linen grey bow tie

Hand-Dyed Linen Bowtie


Polly Shelby from Peaky Blinders looks us in a silk black gown

Strong, brave, stylish, sensible Polly. If your favourite character is Polly we have a very stylish fringed silk kimono recommendation for you. Bold, sexy, unexpected, classy, just like Polly Shelby.

Boon Gold Pineapple Silk Satin Fringed Kimono

Boon Embroidered with golden pineapple fringed silk-satin kimono


We don't want to give a spoiler for the ones who don't watch Season 4 yet. So those who didn't watch please skip this part.

Alfie Solomons from Peaky Blinders with eyeglass chain


Unless there are flashback scenes, Tom Hardy won’t be back for season five. Honestly, although I really like Tom Hardy in general, I didn't like Alfie Solomon at all. Every season he managed to betray the Thomas Shelby. If I were Thomas, I would never trust him with the Luca Changretta business. The season four finale of Peaky Blinders Alfie Solomons was shot by Tommy after he betrayed the Shelbys to Luca Changretta. 

But we know for some he is much loved. That's why even he is not a Peaky Blinder we made a choice for Alfie Solomons too. For the ones whose favourite character is Alfie Solomons, we have colourful eyeglass chains for them. Maybe you noticed, Alfie Solomons often uses eyeglasses chains.

Happynes eyeglass chainHappynes sunglass chain

Happy-nes City of London Eyeglass Chain  Happy-nes Luna Eyeglass Chain 


Now we are waiting for Season 5 with its new characters such as Sam Claflin. :)

Peaky Blinders crew photo viaThomas Shelby PhotoAda Shelby Photo viaArthur Shelby Photo viaPolly Shelby Photo via, Alfie Solomos Photo via

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