About Allée...

The foundation of Allée is the surprising mixture of bold patterns and colours for the modern elegant women with fierce attitude & eternal style! Bringing together patterns and colors of different decades and styles in an unexpected way is our signature.

Most of our clientele starts the sentence with “Normally I’d say I won’t wear this colour but...” When choosing an Allée clutch, people always go for the ones that out of their comfort zone. And that is what we love about this brand. It pushes people to make bold choices! They choose something new, something adventurous! 

Allée is fun, it’s out there and it speaks for itself. And that is what we expect from a bag! Because we believe in the power of bags! Your bag tells a lot of things about who you are and what you want! It’s the most important part of any look, anytime of the day! There’s no classic black it-bag in our collection, every Allée is an it-bag for the right person!

Like our clientele, we also believe in style over trends. Being unique and original is what we crave for. It is the go-to bag if you want to make a statement, effortlessly... That’s why we believe that for every type of man and woman there’s a different Allée, suited for their mood!