Anais & Margaux Leggings

All have started in Paris, the capital of Fashion! These two sisters have grown up, following the uncles' collections, who dedicated 50 years of his life to fashion and become a well-known haute couture designer at Paris.

The main idea of the sisters is, all women are elegant and this elegance has to be felt by their selves then reflected by their appearance. That’s why they named their first collection as ”Feel the elegance’.

The name of the brand consists of two words ‘Anais’ & ‘Margaux’; which means ‘Elegance’ and ‘Pearl’ in the French Language.

We assure that you will feel the most ‘Stylish’ in all colours and in all parts of the collection.

Anais & Margaux leggings will be your best companion in your everyday life at every occasion. These shiny leggings could easily be combined with a romantic long-sleeved cashmere or with an oversized masculine jacket. You can wear colourful leggings every day, every season easily. Anais & Margaux offers you different types including high waisted leggings and biker leggings. Visit, find the most stylish leggings in the UK and get the best legging prices!