Anburis Loveu Ring
Anburis Eternity Ring
From $327.00 - $1,920.00
Anburis Eternity Necklace
From $295.00 - $1,600.00
Anburis Hamsa Necklace
From $244.00 - $1,215.00
Anburis Sunshine Necklace
From $448.00 - $640.00
Anburis Sunshine Ring
From $269.00 - $384.00
Anburis Thrones Necklace
From $448.00 - $640.00
Anburis Thrones Ring
From $365.00 - $480.00

Anburis is a London based, British jewellery brand founded by award-winning product designer Mine Bilgutay-Ozkurt. Fusing together influences from both the east and west, Anburis gathers its inspirations from traditional Ottoman architecture, intricate patterns and nature and conveys these in a contemporary style. The result is a sensual and sculptural modern jewellery collection for women. Each piece of Anburis jewellery embraces innovative digital design through CAD technology, resulting in truly unique and original 3D printed jewellery.

Our expertise in computer-aided design inspires us to push the boundaries of jewellery and create complex 3D patterns and forms. We also design and build one-of-a-kind, personalised jewellery for our customers in the form of our unique Eternity Rings.

Founder, Mine is a multidisciplinary designer with extensive experience in various different fields. Her portfolio spans graphic design, product design, illustration, fashion and jewellery, meaning her digital design proficiency is second to none. She grew up in Turkey surrounded by extravagant architecture, bright fashions and beautiful nature all of which inspire and influence her sculptural jewellery collections. 

We believe that 3D printing is the future, so join us on our journey!”