Bonjouk Studio

Bonjouk Studio Personalized Beaded Eyeglass Chain | Pride
From $96.00 - $109.00
Bonjouk Studio Personalized Funky Baroque Pearl Necklace
From $96.00 - $109.00
Bonjouk Studio Personalized Beachy Baroque Pearl Necklace
From $96.00 - $109.00


Bonjouk Studio is a modern take on everyday jewellery made of natural stones.

We take our inspiration from the contrast between the natural imperfection of precious, semi-precious stones and colourful illusions of light.

Our designs are colourful, naïve and modern.

The use of colour comes from the brand’s roots.

We are children of the Mediterranian, warm, unexpected and happy.

Our natural stone pieces are handmade by a local workforce of homemakers which we aim to grow and support.

Other designs such as sterling silver pieces are produced in the heart of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar by master jewellers.

From naïve and intuitive pastel palettes to bold colour combinations, the designs reflect the Mediterranean way of life; effortless, delicate, vibrant, harmonious and always joyful. From the loving hands of Mother Nature and women.


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