Bonjouk Studio Necklaces and Eyeglass Chains for Women

Bonjouk Studio Jolie Coral & Jade Bracelet
£19.00 GBP
Bonjouk Studio Rue Chain Bracelet
£17.90 GBP
Bonjouk Studio Giselle Pink Opal Necklace
£26.00 GBP
Bonjouk Studio Colette Sunstone Necklace
£26.00 GBP

We redefine natural luxury with our necklaces, bracelets and eyeglass chains. Our accessories, designed by combining freshwater pearls, corals and natural stones such as tourmaline, coral, apatite, amethyst, sodalite, opal and jade, are produced individually for stylish, modern, urban women who want to carry all colours of nature.

Bonjouk Studio necklaces, bracelets and eyeglass chains are delicately hand-crafted. All designs are contemporary and could be layered with other necklaces easily.

Our personalised necklaces and eyeglass chains are specially customized for you and the ones you love.

Vibrant and colourful beaded customisable bracelets, necklaces and lanyards for girls will finish the trendy youngsters casual, everyday look. 

Shop our designer necklace collection of beautiful baroque pearl necklaces, coral necklaces, long necklaces, opal necklaces, gold plated chain necklaces and eyeglass chains and precious jewellery made by semi-precious stones & gemstones.

Visit, explore a wide range of necklaces and eyeglass chains for women and find the most stylish necklaces in the UK.