Through our travels, we’ve come across many humble craftsmen and their genuine handcrafted products which we admire and we wanted to preserve these values of authentic craftsmanship that are on the brink of dyeing and to interpret them through a more modern approach to design. We decided to name this platform of our dreams and the colour of our intuition CHIVIT.

We create leather designs that are timeless, with a bohemian spirit and that brings out the quality craftsmanship to the fore, using entirely natural materials, making them all by hand.

Chivit designs timeless leather accessories for men such as shoulder holsters, bifold wallets, mini wallets, cable organizers, iPad organisers, MacBook clutches and fine tobacco pouches. All designs are crafted by hand from 100% genuine leather pieces are cut from cowhide and are saddle-stitched with waxed thread by hand.

Chivit's handcrafted leather men’s holsters for are the perfect accessory for a Peaky Blinders' look. You can leave your bag at home, carry your wallet, keys and phone with this double holster bag and enjoy being handsfree.

Visit, explore Chivit’s handcrafted leather holsters, Macbook clutches, iPad organisers, tobacco bags and accessories for men and find the most stylish and unique gifts for men in the UK.