Cru Organics Candles

"When you open the box, you have the honey flavour that fills your soul, right? You are holding  one of the miracles that is produced by the secretory glands in the abdominal region, collected from the beehives, and which the human being will never be able to imitate; "Beeswax."

It does not contain paraffin or soy wax. It does not burn eyes, it does not cause headaches, it does not cause a sore throat. It also neutralizes negative ions in the burned area.

Cru Organics, is a woman initiative, who is an engineer and has worked for the machinery sector for many years, established the company, to encourage and support women around her. Cru Organics designs 100% natural, sustainable, ecological products with Turkish woman's creative intelligence and aesthetic perception, taking advantage of the undiscovered or inadequate and unfamiliar sources of Anatolian Territory

Cru Organics; takes the beeswax produced by the bees circulating in the spectacular flora of the South Aegean, and rolling them for you.”