We are Epidotte.

We design and make fashion & homeware accessories made from a unique washable, flexible, eco-friendly paper. Colourful ribbons and especially designed zippers which are combined to establish Epidotte’s unique items. We set our standards very high and all our products are handmade in our dedicated ateliers.
We want to spread the energy of organic lifestyle with Epidotte philosophy which provides people a new smart ecological approach in their daily life. Esther Levi, head of Epidotte’s design team, strongly believes in the power of balanced consumption. The brand whose target audience are the ones who love to discover, stylish, brave and creative. Indeed Epidotte does not only produce its products it delivers a new point of view for anyone who lives organic, loves and protects nature.

Aiming to create ecological products, Epidotte designs eco-friendly & washable paper bags, beauty cases, yoga bags, backpacks for men, backpacks for women, basic bags and business bags. Crafted from a water-resistant washable paper Epidotte shoulder bags, backpacks, belt bags and business bags are offering effortless style and functionality for every day with their minimalist design approach.

Sustainable fashion brand Epidotte also designs lightweight and basic wallets, cardholders and tobacco cases for men and women.

Visit hippist.co.uk, explore Epidotte’s new generation environment-friendly bags and find the most stylish bags and unique gifts in the UK.