"The purpose is not to change people, to give them an opportunity to express themselves that who they are with their outfits…"

- Dries Van Noten

We are two enthusiasts who decided to step on a new journey of our own, using the valuable experience that we have achieved by working on the marketing and advertising sectors.

In a new world that is experiencing intense competition in every sector, to create a new brand with its attitude, quality and price advantage is our biggest dream. Our starting point was the gift quest that we have done for a lovely gentleman. We have decided to make the products which are express us but we could not find on our environment, reachable to anyone who thinks like us. So we have taken the first step leading to our dream with Feutre.

Now it is the time to share with you these elegant and stylish products that we enjoy to use.

Hope, you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.