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Mandala Sarong, Fuchsia
Colourful Let's Boho Mandala Sarongs are ready to hug you with their silky touch! Unique by design, mesmerizingly colourful, lightweight, durable, hydrophilic and quick-drying sarongs. You'll want to take Let's Boho Sarong to everywhere you're headed. And when you're done adding colour to your dream destination, come back home, throw your Let's Boho Sarong on your couch or hang it on your wall.

Fuchsia... Flower of Fuchsia has been decorating The Caribbean with the most beautiful shades of violet for tens of thousands of years, yet it was seen by the people of Old World only as recent as the 1700s. Its name and inspiration come from the father of both botany and plant healing, Leonhart Fuchs. Fuchsia brings you the warm sailing winds of The Caribbean, filled with the elegance of violet.
  • One size fits all 150×150 cm
  • Quality Turkish fabric, 100% natural viscose
  • The illustration is made by the maker.
  • Silky touch
  • Universal Energy and Mandala Mandala pattern is the bearer of universal energy. It is a vessel that takes a person on a discovery of creativity, free will and self-awareness. Just like the universe itself, Mandala originates from a point and spreads out in ripples, reminding anyone interacting with it the perfection of the universe and immense energy in it. Focus on the centre of Mandala and meditate on your feelings and wishes. It will channel universal energy to your wishes and help you find a way to realize them.
  • Care: Machine wash at 30 degrees, iron low.

There are beautiful people all over the Earth who hold nature to be the very essence of their existence. These free spirits worship the nature. They look up to her when they make their colors, their songs... Art and everyday tools they create are never random, but are results of a long and patient process of learning from her. Invitation is yours to discover and to learn from wise people who embed their stories of nature into the life they live and art they create. Let's Boho has set out on a journey to bring beauty in the form of color and texture to free spirits who embrace a bohemian lifestyle...

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