Hooop the Bag

Hooop the Bag® is an extraordinary bag project which was born on an embroidery hoop in 2012 in Milano.

The story began on the new chapter of my life in Milano by meeting with those old friends that I remember from my childhood; those divine hoops that were used for making fascinating embroideries, and needleworks by my grandmother’s and my mother’s hands… and those same hoops that were taken apart from the colourful and cheerful crafts when their task was over and thrown away, and losing their chance of becoming a part of a dazzling and enthralling piece of artwork…

My mission on this project was to save those nostalgic wooden frames from being just a tool and to make them live with the embroideries happily ever after as the stars of modern bags. All the bags are uniquely handcrafted and aim to honour the value of craftsmanship. They take the inspiration from our grandmothers’ legacy and keep their spirit alive while combining it with today’s soul. And here is the story of Hooop the Bag®, the modern presentation of tradition. 

Gizem Yucelen - Hooop the Bag
Winner of The UBM Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design