The kitchen is the heart of our homes. Everyone meets there in the early hours of the morning. If you are alone, a nice smell of coffee accompanies you... It is the place where everyone meets again when you come back from work, where you enjoy a glass of wine and relax. You can update your kitchen any time by using kitchen appliances.

Whatever your style is – modern, country, clean and contemporary, nordic, traditional – or whether you’re planning a lavish dinner party, cosy Netflix and chill night or a glamorous wedding breakfast, the styling of the dining table is just as important as the food itself. While curating a collection of stylish kitchen utensils is crucial, there are many other small touches that can make a big difference to your guest’s experience. Think about serving drinks to your guests with a vibrant colour floral enamelware jug… Wouldn’t it look lovely?

Either you are searching for an enamelware tumbler or a handcrafted ceramic plate; colourful enamelware plate or a hand-carved walnut spoon we have plenty of kitchen accessories here at hippist to add beauty for your kitchens and dinner tables. In our kitchenware collection, there are hand-carved ceramic cups, hand-carved spoons, enamelware trays, mugs, cups and plates, colourful enamel compotes, cake stands and jugs that will brighten your kitchen and lift your mood.

 Visit, explore stylish and colourful kitchen gadgets and find the unique and handmade kitchenwares in the UK.