Hello from Bengisu, and Ege!

Bengisu is calligraphy and watercolour artist and Ege is a florist. We are two close friends, entrepreneurs and a long time stationery enthusiasts. Since our early high school years, calendars have been an important part of our lives and a way of expressing ourselves. We took notes of our exams, wrote down every brilliant idea (that generally meant nothing afterwards), glued pictures and concert tickets, scribbled almost everything. Our calendars were basically an archive our whole lives between their cover. Time passed by but our need for a useful but fun, easy to use but customizable agenda never expired. 

This is how LundiBook was born!

We designed LundiBook for those who want to create their own journal. 

For those who want to be authentic and creative.

For those who love to write and draw while thinking.

For those who want to carry their colourful mind in one single notebook. 

For those who want to look and live just the way they feel.

LundiBook is a fun way of organising life, keeping track of exercises, taking notes of books to read and much, much more. And once out of its box, every LundiBook is destined to be different from each other, because it is only you and your life that will give it colour and life!

Enjoy your LundiBook; write, draw and dribble and scribble as much as you can. 

Oh also, write to us about new ideas to improve LundiBook, we would love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe you will be the author of one of its new pages!


Bengisu & Ege