Skinny | Maternity Jeans


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Skinny, Maternity Jeans

Composed of cotton and elastane, this pair of skinny jeans can be worn during any season of the year. This product is designed especially for maternity; yet it can be worn during breastfeeding period as well, until your tummy is back in shape. It distinguishes itself not only by its breathable and baby friendly texture; with the piece covering the bum composed of 100% cotton, but also by its stylish look.

  • Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane
  • Can be washed at low temperature with a gentle cycle
  • Model is wearing size M

Each piece of Accouchée is particularly designed for pregnancy and nursing.

Accouchée products enable women to sustain their social/business life; because they can still dress well, feel well and free.

They do not miss the best part of the conversation as they do not leave the table to nurse inside. They enjoy nursing as they do not fight with nursing privacy wraps. They do not resign as they can easily pump at work.

They make their babies happy; because they are happy.

Do not forget, you might only be a mother once and every moment you are having is a unique experience.

Your life has changed and will never be the same. So just enjoy being better, wiser, faster, stronger!

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