Monkinya is a yoga and mindfulness brand for kids with a passion for helping young people grow mindfully and live consciously. Inspired by the children’s book by Kids Yoga Teacher, Merve Onay, Monkinya is an imaginary country where little humans, “Monkins,” are raised in a world full of love and respect - for nature, themselves and others. Just like us, the quirky Monkin tribe are all different. They grow up knowing their true potential and learn to love and accept themselves just as they are.

At the heart of Monkinya is the belief that we can really make a difference in young people’s lives by nurturing positive beliefs from an early age. The blank canvas of childhood is the perfect place to sow the seeds for a happy, peaceful and mindful life – rather than needing to heal problems or false beliefs in adulthood. Through positive affirmation, breathing and yoga cards and beautiful mandalas, Monkinya teaches children empathy, respect, mindfulness and much more in a charming, light-hearted way. 

Forever curious about human nature, Monkinya creator Merve Onay, studied sociology at university and took various classes in psychology and children’s education. During college, she mentored kids at an activity center and soon after discovered yoga, which changed her perception of life and the world! Merve completed her yoga teacher training and before long realized that her passion lay in working with young people. Beginning as a children’s story book of the same name, Monkinya has evolved into Merve’s own colourful kids mindfulness brand.

I want to teach kids they can BE whoever they want to be! That they can achieve whatever they want to do! In a world full of competition (starting from a very early age), I want to be able to show them what matters most in life is not who wins or loses, but only enjoying the life with all its ups and downs.

- Merve, Monkinya Founder