Founders of Mumo, Isinsu Kaya and Erdem Kumkale, both food engineers are enthusiasts about sustainable living. They started to think about how could they combine their professions with their ideals and started making wraps out of reusable beeswax.

They are working on creating fun and easy ways to use their products to spread awareness on sustainable living. Their main product is reusable beeswax wrap and they have reusable cloth bags to use in shopping and storage of grains and cereals.

Mumo is a great introductory product to zero-waste and sustainable living as it helps people to question the amount of single-use items present in our day-to-day lives in big cities. Our vision is and how Mumo can help people create less waste and store food in a more healthy way in our kitchens.

We care for our planet since there is no planet B.