As NYKS Istanbul, with our natural and handmade candles, we mix the light of nature with different essences and bring it to your living space.

NYKS Istanbul, who got her name from the mythological Greek Goddess of Night, produce totally natural and olive oil based candles and uses those flowers, plants and fruits like, violet, jasmine, vanilla, lavender, bergamot, rosemary, lemongrass, pine tree, cedar, that grow in our country, to develop essential oils with our special techniques.

During the production of the fragrances, as we use essential oils that come from the four corners of Turkey, there may slight seasonal changes. For example; while orange oil is more prominent during winter time, mandarin in spring and bergamot in the summer, are more prominent.

The NYKS Istanbul candles, that were manufactured with totally natural olive oil that comes from Adatepe, does not contain any paraffin; which means that you do not smell any chemicals at all.

Just like her candles, NYKS’s 100 % locally produced cups of copper, brass, nickel, marble and recycled glass; are designed and manufactured by the hands of Turkish artisans.

NYKS Istanbul, with her complementary homeware of copper, brass, and marble; is the right address for those who would like to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to their homes.