Sustainable Living

Epidotte Yoga Bag | Kraft
£38.50 GBP
£55.00 GBP
MUCS ATELIER Walnut Antic Spoon
£18.00 GBP
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£24.00 GBP
one square meter Iki Dress
£45.00 GBP
MUCS ATELIER Mulberry Plate
£24.00 GBP
Epidotte Basic Bag | Taiga
£58.00 GBP
Musvedde Hygge Handmade Notebook | Presence
From £8.00 GBP - £18.00 GBP
Som Design Studio Deneb Hand-Dyed Wall Lamp
£66.00 GBP
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der-liebling X darwin’s botanicals Der-liebling & Darwin’s Botanicals Silk Hair Ribbon | Caramel
£50.00 GBP
Som Design Studio Auva Hand-Dyed Pendant Lamp
£85.00 GBP
Som Design Studio Lyra Hand-Dyed Wall Hanging
£60.00 GBP
Som Design Studio Stardust Hand-Dyed Wall Hanging
£54.00 GBP
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Kagan Onal Beli Tree Japanese Hair Stick
£15.00 GBP
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Darwin's Botanicals Hand Dyed Silk Headband | Gold Cream
£28.00 GBP
We have lined up here our best environmentally friendly and ethical products aim to protect the planet and designed with a dream of a sustainable future. From hand-dyed silk ribbons to washable paper bags, hand-dyed wall hangings to hand-rolled beeswax candles all designs
 are eco-friendly here.