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Happy-nes Phone Cover with Strap, Oreo

Happy-nes improved Happy-Nes Cross Phone Strap and added transparent phone covers that you can use with your iPhones. Thanks to the rings attached on the phone covers, you can easily hang your phone on your neck and carry it comfortably without weight. You can use your hands freely during sports or shopping, during pleasant walks. 

Suitable for cross-use

  • Ultra-lightweight materials make it easy to compact and store in your bag.
  • Length: 115 cm, transparent phone cover included.
  • Happy-Nes phone and camera accessories are 100% hand made, therefore there may show minor differences from the visual.
  • The phone is not included in the price.
  • Tangle free
  • Hand-crafted
  • Protect the cable
  • Unique specially designed products for you
  • Colour your life

Creating happiness from the simple things in life,

In 2014, a kite surfing trip to Philippines and Zanzibar turned into a life changing business venture for Nesligul and Ilan Karaso, a Turkish couple that loves to create... Between the stunning sunsets and blowing wind , it was not long before the lovely couple began to appreciate the simple and laid back lifestyle of the people they encountered.

While creating our designs and products, our main inspiration themes were the long trips that we did to tropical islands in Africa and Asia for kite surfing. We were amazed by the different and colorful cultures, habits of local people, their food cultures, turquoise colored seas and warm, friendly environment of the caravan culture. We decided to combine these inspirations with the most basic products of our everyday life. This is the story of how it all began…

Happy-Nes is a handcrafted accessory design brand that aims to create colorful lifestyles. We are adding value into most daily used products by turning them into fashionable accessories. The inspiration behind the different motifs comes from the colors of different cultures and islands we have explored.

All of the Happy-Nes products in our collection are 100% Hand Made, that’s why each of the products even with the same pattern might have slight design differences, this is what makes your product unique for you.

For us creating a brand must not be based on only making a profit. We decided to support people around us in need of help and protection. By owning one of Happy-Nes products, you will be making a donation through us to Tohum Autism Foundation for kids in Need of Social Education and will be helping Tohum kids to realize their colourful dreams.


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