Alien Editioned Kilim Rug | White

Kerem Durukan


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Alien Editioned Kilim Rug, White 1/6 Ed.

by artist Kerem Durukan

One of two versions, light and dark backgrounds. As we all have our dark sides and shining sides. Like Yin Yang itself. 

  • Material: Recycled cotton yarn, half normal cotton yarns are used for getting the contrast.
  • 120x180 cm

“Drawing was not a love story that would last forever and fortunately it wasn’t. This door, through which I walked with more self-confidence later in life, was a way of expressing my drive to understand, question, reflect on and describe life.” He feels the freedom and responsibility of self-expression. His study began with drawing and has led to design, sculpture, photography, installation and performance. He describes this continuing development by saying,

“It’ll probably continue to transform as long as I’m alive.”*

- Kerem Durukan

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