Auva Pendant Lamp

Som Design Studio

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Auva Pendant Lamp

Auva Pendant Lamp is handmade from a natural dyed coloured cotton rope. The roots of plants, fruits and flowers were used to produce natural dye. Eco-friendly Auva Pendant Lamp would be a stylish choice for living rooms and kids rooms.

  • Material: Cotton rope (dyed natural colours), metal decorative fabric cable.
  • Handcrafted
  • Width: 18 cm, height: 29 cm
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.

Som Design Studio; creates products that are part of a sustainable life end nature-friendly. It prefers to use the material as untreated. Som has a word meaning. The raw state of the material is the state of the raw material, the texture and the smell. It uses cotton ropes dyed with ancient natural dyeing methods in decoration products. There are different ways to get natural dye. Some plants in the roots of some plants, some of the flowers, some of them are used to obtain dyes. The natural dyeing process consists of three sometimes four stages. The fibre used in cleaning and mordanting operations are not made to dye. Many various plants in nature offer a new trial and error area every day. In addition, different materials such as wood, brass and copper are produced. Som Design Studio products include wall accessories, home accessories, lighting products, kids room products, macrame products.

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