Balance | Delicate Earrings

mihaniki design.

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Balance Delicate Sterling Silver earrings

The Balance Collection aims to disclose the delicate and imperfect nature of balance and its constant potential of imbalance.

  • Material: Sterling Silver 

Handmade jewelry in the age of mass production, inspired by the simplicity and the imperfection of the antiquity. Mihanikî is a jewelry brand that brings together the art of the antiquity with abstract forms. After her undergraduate education in Political Science at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Mihanikî’s creator Sema Kentel was trained in different jewelry studios in the USA. The classes on Byzantine history that she took during her university years, coupled with her long term interest in the antiquity has influenced her relationship to the art of jewelry, resulting in Mihanikî’s timeless, unvarnished, and imperfect pieces. Sema Kentel’s designs are named after the Ottoman Turkish word with a Greek origin, Mihanikî, meaning “spontaneously.” The ‘imperfect’ journey taken by the word from its original in Greek to Ottoman Turkish has reverberated in Mihanikî’s designs, which reach out to the classical times from the 21st century Istanbul.

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